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We are a team of dedicated consultants, working with unique Diamante body-shaping and weight loss concept. If you are looking for “quick fixes” or “fad diets” then perhaps this will not interest you. The concept we provide is in 3 steps that have helped many achieving a set goal in losing cellulite and dropping down dress sizes.  This method is here to help you look and feel great by providing relaxation and adequate muscle movement and blood circulation.

Diamante concept consists of 3 steps:

Personal lymphatic massage programme. We use Roll Shaper machines to provide an invigorating massage of the whole body. The programme is based on individual body shape, fitness and activity level.
Personal diet plan.


We start with individual assessment, during which we record your goals, your body statistics, level of activity; health problems and intolerances. When we work out a diet plan, which will ensure you have calorie deficit each day, putting you on a negative energy balance and therefore on a weight loss.

We will make sure your daily calorie intake is not less than your BMR, therefore you will be losing weight in a safe and controlled way, without slowing your metabolism down. Our nutrition plan comes in three stages and will provide energy, satisfaction and will stop cravings.

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