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 Professional Eyelash Extensions

Volume Eyelash Extensions

The Volume style is accomplished when multiple lash extensions (2-6 hairs) are hand made, on-the-spot into a fan then adhered to one natural lash. With volume lashes, super-fine weightless lashes are used to create a more dramatic feathery look.

Full set £50

Top up (after 3-4 weeks) £35

Touch up (after 2 weeks) £30

Removal £20

Classic Eyelash Extensions

The Classic style is accomplished by applying one lash extensions to one natural lash. This treatment is ideal for those who want long, luxurious lashes on an ongoing basis and to wake up with beautiful lashes every day.

Full set £45

Top up (after 3-4 weeks) £30

Touch up (after 2 weeks) £25

Removal £20

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    Aromatherapy Facial

    The power of scents are used to influence the emotions and restore wellness and tranquillity to the body. The finest blends of essential oils are used. This treatment includes cleaning, toning, a pressure point face massage, mask, leaving the skin revitalized and supple.

    Deep Cleansing Facial

    Relaxing, effective treatment includes skin analysis, deep pore cleansing, extractions, face, neck, shoulder and hand massage, followed by a therapeutic mask.

    Men’s Executive Facial

    Deep cleansing and softening facial for skin irritated by daily shaving and expose. This treatment includes cleansing, deep pore cleaning, extractions, face, neck and shoulder massage, followed by customized mask that helps to smooth rough skin texture.

    Express Facial

    This treatment includes cleaning, toning, face and neck massage, followed by customized mask.

Body Treatments:

    Hot Candle Massage

    This luxurious massage works as a candle, massage oil, moisturising oil all in one and helps you unwind and soothes your mind, body and soul. Massage candles are made only from natural pure essential oils. This massage helps for relaxation, improves blood and lymph circulation, healing of wounds and injuries.

    Aromatherapy massage

    Aromatherapy massage is a treatment designed to detox the lymphatic system while enhancing a person’s mood and/or overall health. Pure essential oils are blended together to achieve specific results such as relaxation, revitalization or stress reduction.

    Signature Anti cellulite massage

    Anti cellulite sculpting massage with detoxifying5 essential oils (grapefruit, cypress, lemon, geranium and juniper berry) followed by mask to drain toxins and firm the skin. Packages available.

    Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

    Lymphatic drainage massage improves our health in various ways. It makes the body noticeably lighter, boosts energy and vitality, increases metabolism, immune function, sleep quality and work efficiency, reduces swelling and numbness of the limbs, stimulates blood circulation. But these are not the only benefits of lymphatic drainage massage. Most ladies are really excited about the possibility to lose inches, firm the skin, tone the muscles and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Packages available.




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