Supple Skin

Actually... I was surprised, it took 4 massages to reduce volume and cellulite. Skin has become more supple

- Lina

My waist is 3m smaller

IMG_3391 After 4 massages the results are showing, skin become more supple and reduced cellulite. And my waist is 3cm smaller.

- Skirma

The skin has become supple, decreased cellulite

After 8 massage sessions skin has become more supple, reduced cellulite, also lost at least half a stone.

- Laura

Feeling great

After the roll shaper massage I felt like I just had a good workout session. A little sore, but feeling great!

- Virginija

Decreased clothes size

After 12 massage sessions, I decreased in clothing size. Results are noticeable, friends also say I look slimmer.

- Elena

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